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INVADERSTUCK2 => John + Karkat

Date: 2011-12-28 09:06 am (UTC)
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[John was at a loss! How was he supposed to be a great invader if he couldn't even solve his own problems? Well, he guessed it had a lot to do with his shoddy attempt at information gathering, but details, details! His SIR unit only provided him with so much instruction; he was supposed to figure it out on his own. So far he'd asked the advice of a fellow invader, and despite having taken it (and well, he'd like to point out!), it just, well...he was stuck.]

[He'd only been on Earth all of maybe an Earthen day before he'd been found out by the human currently trailing behind him. It could have been devastating to the mission, his PAK had sent the currents to consider self-destruction through his system, but thankfully it was a crisis averted! See, no one believed Karkat Vantas that the new green kid John was an alien. Gamzee might have, but even if he did what's the word of a boy constantly high? Exactly. John had learned a lot about...something to do with human youth that day, and that on top of being stupid, they were cruel to their own kind.]

[Karkat had grown on him, and maybe he'd grown on Karkat in the past half-year. It was snowing outside and most of the kids from Skool were enjoying winter break already. John didn't hate Karkat, not in the least, but Karkat really seemed to hate him sometimes. He couldn't really tell anymore, because Karkat pretty much yelled and got worked up over every emotion. So, confusing and irritating as Karkat could be, John had taken a liking to him, and even trusted him enough to invite him down into his base! He seriously needed help with his problem, and Invader Dave wasn't helping at all. Some pal he was, jeez.]

[The Irken invader comes to a halt at the elevator disguised a refrigerator, smiling up at the bioscan as it traces his body with a strict red beam of light. With a shushed, mechanical wizz, the door slides open--very unlike a real fridge, Karkat had pointed out before--and he steps inside, hands still clasped behind his back, legs marching in staccato. Inside the elevator, he stands straight and wears the smile he usually does, three teeth poking out and all.]

Thanks again for helping me out, Karkat! I think you are the only one I can really count on.

[He peeks over to the couch, where his "pet bunny" is sitting in a cardboard box, staring at the TV as instructed.]

LIV! I'm taking Karkat down into the base, so be good and keep an eye out!

[His SIR unit, nicknamed LIV, turned and saluted, not noticing that an eye from the dirty bunny costume was starting to fall out.]

Date: 2012-02-24 04:09 am (UTC)
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[Karkat is on edge. Actually, to say Karkat is on edge would be the fucking understatement of the year. Karkat is doing a fucking dance along the edge of the world's largest razor blade, and he's going to strain his muscles if he gets any more tense. Why the fuck did he agree to this? What if this alien asshole is just taking him down there so he can cut open his skull and pull out all of Karkat's power to reason with his classmates, or what if he's going to fill his guts with alien spawn, or... some other horrible things that he's too nauseous to think about now that he's picturing alien maggots crawling around in his intestines!]

[The bizarre red lights that scan John aren't any more comforting, and Karkat is so nervous he's shaking. He keeps his face a perfect mask of irritation and disgust, but really, he feels like he's on a death march.]

I'm just here to make sure you're not doing anything fucking awful, asswipe!

[He shudders at the sight of LIV, because that is just fucking creepy, jesus. It looks like someone attached a stuffed rabbit to the back of their car and drove around a while, then put some robotic abomination inside of it. Robotic rabbits. What human would ever think that was a good idea?]

What the fuck is going on in your alien abomination laboratory anyways?

Date: 2012-07-14 09:04 am (UTC)
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[John rolls his eyes, the fake lenses going along with it quite smoothly. Oh, Karkat, always so suspicious and angry. He had no idea why this human was like this, the rest of them seemed fairly passive for a warring race. But no, he managed to latch onto the one who saw right through him and was ridiculously angry. It was annoying at first, but he learned that Karkat was hilarious when he tried to unveil him but no one believed him. So, John took to attempting the human emotion of friendship with him.]

[The red scanners rake over Karkat, down and up, and John grins. He beckons him in with a three-fingered hand. Hurry, hurry!]

Well I'd show you if you'd just come in already! Jeez!

[He puts his hands back behind his back, and shrugs offhandedly.]

Oh, just normal stuff. You'll see, it's nothing really special.