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The Relationship Meme
nabbed from [ profile] memebells

Dramatic or cracky, there are options for everyone who has a sudden itching to play out some ships.

↘ Post your character below, listing their name and series in the subject.
↘ Others respond after going to and entering 1-16 for a scene, reply back and have some fun!
↘ Roll as many times as you like! Play out as many scenarios as you want! Just enjoy the fluffy or angsty goodness.

● 01 I HAVE A CONFESSION | There's someone you really like and it's finally time to tell them! It can be spur of the moment or elaborately planned out.
● 02 START OF SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL | You've just got together and everything is great! You can't stop thinking about each other or keep your hands off your significant other. You want to spend all the time you can together, doing whatever!
● 03 CAN'T GET IT UP | It happens to everyone, honest! For whatever reason, you just haven't been able to perform or maybe you're just not interested in sex. Is it because things are dull? Is it because you're not attracted to your partner? Or have you just been too busy or stressed out?
● 04 SAW YOU LAST NIGHT | You think you saw your partner in the arms of another - was it an honest mistake or is something honestly going on here?
● 05 FIRST TIME | It's the first kiss or the first time making love with your partner and you're so nervous and awkward, you're sure you'll mess it up! Maybe you do, but that's okay... they like you, right?
● 06 ANNIVERSARY | Two week, two month, two year, or whatever number you decide, that's how long you've been together with your partner and you want to do something special to celebrate it!
● 07 WANT YOU BACK | You broke up, but it was a mistake. You need to correct it ASAP... will your lover take you back though?
● 08 JUST MARRIED | Just married! Is it the wedding night? The honeymoon? You decide!
● 09 BAD ROMANCE | You're no good for each other and you know it! Unfortunately, your relationship is so sizzling, you can't break it off and you don't even want to.
● 10 FIGHT | You're both in one of those moods where you just want to sit around fighting over every little thing... bills or money, friends, your partner staying out too late, or whatever you can think of!
● 11 LET'S MAKE UP | Of course making up is the best part though! Whatever it was is totally forgotten now.
● 12 HONEY, I'M... | You've been feeling a little funny for a bit, so you take a pregnancy test and... oh no! Or is it 'oh great!'? Time to tell your partner either way...
● 13 ABOUT LAST NIGHT | Time to face that one night stand...
● 14 CHEATER | You're not being cheated on! You're the other person meddling with someone's lover! But for whatever reason, you just can't say no even if you know you should...
● 15 OBJECTIONS | You're facing a lot of objections to your relationship and it's starting to put a strain on it. Why don't you sit down and discuss it, see if you can work it out?
● 16 HAVE TO LET YOU GO | You have to break up with your partner... not because you want to! But because you need to protect them... can you do it successfully? Will they find out? You decide!


Date: 2011-12-24 06:59 am (UTC)
aliencereal: (sollux)
From: [personal profile] aliencereal
[The world has ended and Sollux cares less than he ever thought possible. He and Feferi sleep together in a bath tub filled with sopor slime, because they hadn't figured out how to alchemitize actual pods yet. But even if it's cramped and he wakes up sore in strange places every evening, that doesn't really matter. There's a fish girl who inexplicably pities him curled up in the thick slime covering his chest, adorably asleep with her fins brushing against his skin as she gently sways to push the goo through her gills to provide more oxygen. She's not awake, but it seems like that's a natural thing, like the way land trolls breathe naturally in sopor slime.]

[He doesn't really want to wake her, and he's in no hurry to climb out of the bathtub of goop, so Sollux just slides a hand back into the slime and gently runs his fingers over her naked shoulders and back. She's so beautiful it actually hurts a little, so he blinks and sinks back into the slime a little bit so he can get his arms around her.]

[She has so much she has to do, such a hard job in their old world and now so much to do here, far away from anything resembling an ocean and pulled from her lusus, and he pities her for that, pities her for her failed moiraillegiance with an asshole and for being hunted by her own ancestor. But on some level, the affection and mating fondness he feels for her doesn't seem to come entirely from pity- she's just so stunning and wonderful he wants to be in her presence, always.]

[So he leans down and presses his face into the slime to kiss her on the top of the head with the tiniest of sad smiles. She's too good for him.]

Date: 2012-07-22 06:36 am (UTC)
adorabubbly: (♓ simply look around and view it!)
From: [personal profile] adorabubbly
[Feferi wasn't sure what was wrong with everyone wanting to avoid sleeping, even now that the dream worlds had perished and all that was left was the darkness of the gods. She understood why the tensions were high following that, but she didn't care. There was nothing to be afraid of! Heck, she was sure the gods wouldn't mind seeing the lost kids they were being coerced into helping. So she took naps, and often fell into deep, restful slumbers.]

[She talks to the gods, here. She discusses and argues, plans and compromises. Their talk is over, and she feels confident that they trust her finally. They allow her to go, for now, and will wait in anticipation for her return. Feferi curtsies, and hopes her plan will succeed. If all goes well, the dream bubbles will be constructed and no one will truly die or float in inexplicable terror. She's seen what good this will bring, and how multi-universally helpful it will be. She simply has to have hope that this is a timeline in which this becomes the reality.]

[She wakes up, long after Sollux has kissed her, and glubs sleepily as she wraps tighter around him. She intakes his scent, and hums, pleased as punch. Oh, this boy, how she pities his stupid worry wart head so.]

How long have you been awave, Sollux?

6- humanstuck!

Date: 2011-12-24 06:18 am (UTC)
aliencereal: (terezi)
From: [personal profile] aliencereal
[Terezi sees absolutely no problems with her idea for what to do for their one-year-of-living-together anniversary. Obviously the solution is to make breakfast. That's what the man in the relationship does, make his/her woman breakfast in bed for their anniversary. Okay, that's what Terezi's dad did, although that might be because her mother was in a coma for most of her childhood. But whatever!]

[However, the problems began when we put one blind 22 year old in a kitchen with 12 eggs, pancake mix, and Judge Judy reruns.]

[Needless to say, Vriska is going to wake up to a surprise, just probably not the one Terezi had intended. Specifically, she will find pancake mix covering the entire room from Terezi tracking it around after not noticing it had fallen, open, onto the floor, eggs all over the stove from Terezi getting distracted by the verdict while breaking them, and her girlfriend shouting excitedly at the TV in spite of having seen this episode before.]

Date: 2011-12-24 11:20 pm (UTC)
cant8r8kme: (Horses prance through a silver storm.)
From: [personal profile] cant8r8kme
[Vriska isn't really aware of this anniversary, and would probably realize it days later on her own just from casual considering. She wasn't exactly one to remember exact dates with something as casual as moving into an apartment with her long-time girlfriend. She has today off, though, so that's something she's looking forward to when she wakes up after the time her alarm usually goes off.]

[The shouting from Terezi in the kitchen and the much too familiar voice of Judge Judy are the two things she did not want to hear upon waking. She shuffles out of their bedroom, her hair a long, tangled mess and only a huge hoodie keeping her naked-except-a-thong body covered and protected from the chill of the apartment. She squeezes her eyes shut before opening them again; dammit she forgot to grab her glasses. Oh well, her sight wasn't that bad, yet, she could still see pretty okay.]

[When she sees the mess and Terezi not giving a fucking shit, she honestly wishes she was just as blind as her lovely Pyrope--fuck it, no, she was going to murder her.]

Terezi!!! What the fuck are you doing?

Date: 2011-12-25 04:29 pm (UTC)
aliencereal: (terezi)
From: [personal profile] aliencereal
[Terezi turns in the direction of the doorway at Vriska's voice, although she's not actually pointing herself in exactly the right direction. Blindness and all, you know. She grins in that way she has, the one that shows every one of her teeth.]

Making you breakfast!

[It doesn't seem to actually occur to her that she is presently burning egg white onto the stove, possibly permanently. The smell hasn't quite moved away from the mess itself-- in a minute, it is going to smell awful in their entire apartment.]

Also, can you believe the verdict from the episode? Such bullshit!!

[Terezi. Please, for the love of god, pay attention.]

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1, humanstuck

Date: 2011-12-24 06:41 am (UTC)
aliencereal: (john)
From: [personal profile] aliencereal
[John can't breathe. This is his chance. They went out to the movies, the two of them and Jade and Karkat and, oddly enough, Equius. It had been a good movie, except the parts where Karkat started screaming at the characters on the screen(horror movies got to him), but the car pools on the way home split both ways. John and Jade were both old enough to drive, being twins, but because they'd been adopted out to different families as child, they lived on different sides of town. Jade had agreed to drive Karkat and Equius home, as they lived on her side, and John... John was alone with Vriska for 20 minutes, with no chance of parents walking in or kids from school overhearing or awkward after time to deal with if she rejected him or anything at all. He thanked whatever gods might exist that her mother had had time to drive her here, but not to drive her back.]

[This was the time. There's a rest stop halfway between her house and the movies, and he forces himself to breathe and pulls over there. If he stopped the car anywhere else passing policemen might have noticed and come over to make sure everything was okay. Hopefully, this will be safe enough.]

Um, hey, Vriska?

[He swallows hard and stares hard at the steering wheel. There's a little salamander keychain hanging from the ignition, a present from Dave, who, coincidentally, had been encouraging him to get the balls to do this for months.]

Can... Can I talk to you about something? It's... kinda important.

Date: 2011-12-25 05:33 pm (UTC)
cant8r8kme: (Things my heart used to know...)
From: [personal profile] cant8r8kme
[They're alone. They're all alone, in the dark, in John's car for the next near half hour. His car smells like him and a little like cake and fast food, but mostly like car. It's almost overwhelming. They were great friends, the best of friends, this wasn't weird!!! It was just...she really liked him. She had the hugest, stupidest, most fawning-over crush on John Freaking Egbert.]

[When he pulls over, she's startled. They're alone at night in John's car pulled over at a rest stop alone and oh fuck this could be it. This could be when he tells her he loves her, always has, or that he's a guard to her castle since she's a long-lost princess, or that he just wants to be friends with her and for her to stop obviously flirting. She picks at the grain of her jeans, swallowing and reminding herself to count to eight, it's okay, don't get your hopes up that he likes you, too, unlikely as it was that John had caught onto her sneaky flirtations.]

Yeah, sure, John! What's up?

[Her hand is tucking hair behind her ear faster than the words come stumbling out of her mouth. She hasn't done that in ages, fuck.]

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12 this will be so ridiculous

Date: 2011-12-24 03:19 am (UTC)
romcom: (grumpblush)
From: [personal profile] romcom
[Karkat has been in a good mood these past few weeks. People who didn't know him probably wouldn't spot the difference, but Kanaya and Sollux had both commented on it within two days of it starting. The reason is obvious. His matesprit/boyfriend/tanglebuddy/JOHN had finally decided that buckets were a totally acceptable thing to involve in their relationship, and after the short bout of lightheadedness and dehydration that comes the morning after a pailing, the afterglow had lasted for ages. Apparently humans can handle quite a bit more than trolls, but Karkat has been pleased to try to keep up. If a bucket got left shoved into a closet or sopor slime got on the floor because humans have something called 'morning wood', then that was fine, eventually they'd get settled in and the worst they're going to get is a difficult cleaning job, right?]


[John had slept over in Dave's room, which was fine with Karkat, who had gotten a good look at the two of them and deemed the moirails, so Karkat was alone in his respiteblock. He'd decided that maybe this was the best time to clean up after all of the wild sex, before the green stained the floor or one of his buckets became unsalvageable. After angrily scrubbing the floor around his recoopracoon for a while, he decided it was time to bite the bullet and clean the dirty bucket.]

[But there wasn't just nasty genetic material and what John had called 'cum' in that bucket. Sure, there was red crusted around the edges, but the material had gone beyond the slight congealing that was the worst Karkat had seen it-- there was some kind of solid blob at the bottom. Karkat pulls a face and pokes at the blob with the wooden part of his mop, wondering if it's stuck to the bottom. To his horror, it quivers, and then unrolls to reveal the tiniest grub he's ever seen. It's eyes are sealed shut like a baby purrbeast, and it's little head is fuzzy with black hair that hasn't grown in yet. It's horns are nubby like Karkat's, but with the tiniest ridges on the outside edges. It has red blood showing through its tiny grubby body and a pronounced overbite.]

[Holy. Shit.]

[With shaky hands and without breathing at all, Karkat gently picks up the child in the bucket. Up close, he can see can see that it lacks poison markers around its closed eyes- a boy. It gives the faintest little wiggle of its itty bitty legs and something in Karkat's chest squeezes hard. He cradles the grub to his chest the way he'd never had the urge to when he'd been caring for his infant friends-- this grub isn't a friend, isn't himself, it's his offspring. It's John's son.]

[Karkat bolts for Dave's room as fast as is trollishly possible, desperately hoping that he could catch John on the way there.]

Date: 2011-12-24 05:16 am (UTC)
putthebunnyinthebox: (and now i'm done)
From: [personal profile] putthebunnyinthebox
[John has long since deemed trollsex really weird on his scale of Weird, but it was weird in a good way. Well, once he got used to seeing slimey red tentacles coming from some fortress crotch barrier on Karkat's person. That was weird, like in one of his animes. But he got used to it, and he doubted anything was better. Whether it was the tentacles that curled and rubbed against his dick or the fact that it was Karkat, his boyfriend/matesprit/whatever, that was pressed against him that made the sex really awesome, he wasn't sure, but trust him, it was always really awesome. The buckets, er, he had to get used to those, too. It worked out great, though! Really!]

[He hadn't realized he was babbling about his sex life to Dave until his best bro told him he was acting like a girl who freshly popped her cherry and had to tell all of her girl friends. All of them.]

[As of right now, he's venturing out of Dave's room after a good ol' night of bro-on-bro bonding time with movies and popcorn, stretching his arms above his head and meandering down the hall back to Karkat's room. They could cuddle a bit, watch some more movies (John loved movies, oh man), have a sappy romantic dinner like in a movie they watched, and just be a happy interspecies couple with sloppy makeouts and cheesy romance lines. He never really pictured himself as the type of guy to be okay with settling down with someone (a dude, no less!) before he was even 20, but hey, that's how things had worked since his 13th birthday. Things happened, and mostly for the better, though usually after a lot of traumatic and conflicted events.]

[It's a huge surprise, although very welcomed, when he sees Karkat running towards him way down the hall. He grins and waves, stopping so that they don't accidentally collide or something. He wouldn't want Karkat to drop that red thing he's holding!]

Karkat! I was just coming over to

[The closer Karkat gets, the better it is for John to see that the red thing in his arms is kind of, well...moving.]

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13, sburb-never-happened futureverse

Date: 2011-12-24 05:51 am (UTC)
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[Dave is one lonely motherfucker. He's cripplingly unable to express himself emotionally-- what had once been an ironic poker face is now the only way he knows how to interact with people. Maybe it always was. His sword scars and puppet nightmares are something he should talk to a therapist about, but the money he makes DJing barely covers the rent on his unbelievably shitty apartment and food. He's gone without electricity before, when he'd gotten the flu and couldn't work. But overall, he eats better than he did as a teenager, and every once in a while he's on pesterchum at an hour that someone else is. He gets Rose most often-- Jade vanishes for months on end, and John is in college now and is always busy with friends or homework or sleeping at regular human being hours. Dave's pretty used to being in love with him at this point-- he's the only person in the world whose success makes Dave swell with pride instead of nauseous jealously. He misses talking to him every day.]

[That's the thing Dave misses most about being a kid. Even though he's never had much by way of real friends, because he doesn't count the stoner kids in high school as real friends anymore than he does the assholes in middle school who called him the albino freak and chased him(which was honestly pretty hilarious). At least he'd had his online friends to keep him company. He's had trouble making new ones, because he tends to scare off people with the immense amount of bitter he gives off. And his media references are out of date, and he's tired most of the time, and he's pretty sure he's a complete and utter fuckup.]

[But he can still fuck like a champion. The college boy he brought home from the on-campus party he'd DJ'd for last night had whimpered and moaned like a virgin at everything he did. Dave had rewarded him for the ego boost by sucking his dick. They'd both been at least a little buzzed(Dave can't afford enough alcohol to get himself truly drunk anymore, but that's alright, because he still prefers apple juice, if he's honest with himself), but it had still been pretty fucking awesome. And the college boy was a cuddler, and Dave secretly relishes that. He doesn't let the girls he brings home cuddle, too afraid of letting them in, but it's okay with the guys. With the guys, he doesn't have to be quite so scared.]

[But it still surprises him when he opens his eyes to find himself face to face with the more gorgeous blue eyes he's seen since John sent him a picture when they were 14. He hazily reminds himself to try to get another one out of his friend, one of these days.]

Date: 2011-12-24 10:44 pm (UTC)
putthebunnyinthebox: (it's hard to say that I'd rather)
From: [personal profile] putthebunnyinthebox
[School was hard. It was really hard, and it was harder because he was so far from his dad. He should have been used to it by now, but sometimes he regrets transferring because he can't run home to his bed and Nana's portrait+ashes combo when things get hard. Here, he has to call friends, see them in person, and it's still weird. He'd depended on online interaction for so long, but he was much better now as far as being social went.]

[John had meant to ask Dave where in Texas he lived, if it was in bus distance or even by train, if they could grab lunch sometime. The state was huge, yeah, but there was the chance that they could finally meet in person, just maybe. But this semester was stupidly difficult, so between a 15 hour schedule and trying to pass them all with flying colors, John forgot to ask. Sometimes he forgot he was even in Texas until he took time to actually look around outside; there were more than enough flags to remind him. Dave was never too far from his mind, but just enough for him to let his ideas slip through the cracks.]

[He rarely goes to parties, despite having a thousand friends from all kinds of different programs. They never seemed worth the loss of study time. This one, however, was special, in a way. Well, it wasn't so much "special" as it was a reward to himself for doing well on all of his tests for two week straight and getting all his homework done early. He could afford the loss of two days estimate, so he went all out, taking drinks as they were handed to him, dancing like a dork (he's pretty sure he remembers Jessica trying to initiate some dirty dancing with him, but if she succeeded eludes him), and got convinced to go chat up the DJ. It was probably intended as a prank by his friends in revenge for all the pranks he pulled on them, but the alcohol in his system had him wobbling to the DJ booth, grinning, and reciting some cheesy-ass line without introducing himself.]

[The rest was mostly a blur. During the night with the DJ, he sobered up just enough to let his mind clasp onto the moment, of amazing touches and pleasure he hadn't felt and he was so relaxed. It was wonderful, he remembered moaning and touching the DJ's hair while he--oh god that man's mouth was the bringer of heaven or something. He woke up first, and spent the entire time staring at the boy he was cuddled up to, taking in his features and trying to remember more through the pounding headache. This is the first glimpse of his face that isn't obscured by party lights and alcohol, and he's not just a blur of palepalepale. John startles when he wakes up, and loses his breath.]

[The boy from his foggy, dizzy memories has blaring red eyes, and John is scared to death that the recognition runs deeper than that.]


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Date: 2012-01-05 12:16 am (UTC)
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[after going out for a couple of weeks Kanji had finally decided that he was gonna seal the deal with a kiss. A real, lip-locking kiss. None of the cheek or forehead kissing he had done before. Nope. And he knew exactly how he wanted it to go. Which was why he asked her out on such an extravagant date. Dinner and then movies.

He had sold a lot of dolls last month, but every cent was worth it. HE REALLY WANTS THINGS TO GO WELL, CAN'T YOU TELL?!?!?!]

So-- are you, uh, enjoying your meal?

Date: 2012-01-08 12:48 am (UTC)
marukyulover: (♫ about me...)
From: [personal profile] marukyulover
[Rise has been waiting and waiting for their lips to meet at least once since they've been dating. It wasn't her top priority, of course, but it would've been nice. She really should've been thankful that Kanji was the type of guy to wait and make it romantic, and she was, really! She just hadn't expected this, she guesses.]

[That all said, the date has been going swimmingly so far. She loves going out to dinner, and Kanji picked just about the perfect little restaurant. It's halfway through dinner, she'd place, and her food is delightfully free of tofu. She smiles at Kanji and nudges her foot against his under the table.]

You bet! This place is great, Kanji.

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Date: 2011-12-24 09:37 pm (UTC)
aliencereal: (john)
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[Sex has never been number one on John’s ‘things that are important’ list. In fact, it’s pretty low down on the list. It’s not that he doesn’t like sex, no, not at all! It’s just… well, it’s fun, but when he’s tired and his senior thesis has been kicking his ass for weeks, he just can’t seem to muster up the energy. He’d much rather snuggle into his blankets and sleep when he has free time, because he really isn’t getting enough rest. He honestly has no idea how Rose is managing a double major, this is crazy just with his one!]

[He really hopes his constant pilgrimages to the library and office hours to beg the librarians, his professors, and a variety of books for help haven’t been driving Eridan TOO up the wall. The differences in sleep schedules were already a bit of a problem, but he’d explained to Eridan where he was going so it was never a shock when John was missing in the afternoon or something. He missed his troll boymatefriendsprit, but in a few short months he’d have graduated college and he could spend all the time in the world making up for lost time.]

[He’s aware that Eridan is probably missing their cuddles and crappy movie nights and dates. What hasn’t really occurred to him is that Eridan has always been on the high side of the libido scale, and that troll masturbation is never really satisfying because it was too hard to get real nook stimulation.]

[This may rapidly become a problem. John, though, is curled up in his blankets and fast asleep, trying to catch up from a four hour night.]

Date: 2012-07-22 07:04 am (UTC)
princeafuckmylife: [wwhat] (pic#2827077)
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[Eridan has been lectured on the ways of human education, and how the last year is always difficult and tiring and blah blah blah. He gets it. He's been told by John, Karkat, Kanaya, and nearly everyone else he's managed to get a hold of to whine at. Of course, once it inevitably came to his sex drive and it's frustrating dissatisfaction, the conversations would be cut short and Eridan would be stuck again. Well, he was always stuck. Hornystuck. He's tried to just keep himself afloat with masturbating and cumming into his buckets so often they were now all stained violet, but it's not enough. He needs John, he needs him like air and thrills of conquest.]

[It's not unusual that John's asleep when he's awake, but Eridan's not having another day/night of not at least bugging John about his problem. He gets that John's busy and just needs sleep, but a little help in the kitchen would be great, okay, and there haven't been enough apologies or acknowledgments of his predicament. Granted, John hasn't been exposed to the extent of Eridan's libido, but that hasn't occurred to him.]

[He doesn't hesitate to crawl on top of John, curled in his blankets, and force him to turn onto his back so he can straddle him through the blankets. God, this already feels much better, he can feel John's pelvic area around his nook and, fuck, he wants to cry from how comforting it is to have someone instead of being alone.]

[Now is not the time for crying, though, because he needs to have words with John. So he pinches John's cheeks, leans down and hisses.]

John! John, wake the fuck up!


Date: 2011-12-24 09:38 pm (UTC)
romcom: (cuddles)
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[Kitkat knows this is wrong. By all technicalities, Eliade is Viktor’s girlfriend. He doesn’t treat her right, he ignores her for days on end, he uses her for sex, and Kitkat has a sneaking suspicion that not only is he the motivation for Eliade’s long sleeves in the warm months, but also that he might be hurting her himself. Kitkat already hated Viktor. Kitkat now loathes Viktor. Because nobody deserves this, and underneath all of her crippling insecurity and forced elitism, Eliade is just a very lost girl who needs to be cared for. Kitkat has always been on the maternal side, no matter how loud she would scream at anyone who actually said that.]

[So it isn’t hard to let herself be the emotional backbone of Eliade’s social circle. She holds her when she cries, keeps the rest of her hair back when she dyes the purple streak, shares her bed at sleepovers, writes compliments on her arms, kisses her when she doesn’t feel worth anything, goes down on her when she’s horny and Viktor doesn’t care, paints her toenails, brings her soup when she’s sick, and never, ever expects that they’ll sit together at lunch. She is Eliade’s dirty little secret, and sometimes Kitkat feels hollow and dirty because she is helping Eliade cheat and pouring her whole heart into a friendship that gives her nothing in return. But it’s all worth it when the tension melts out of Eliade’s shoulders and she smiles, really smiles, not smirks.]

[So even if it’s wrong, Kitkat kisses the pads of Eliade’s fingers before she gently cleans the infected, self-inflicted cuts on her left wrist.]

Fucking idiot, why did you wait to get help, there’s pus in these, its fucking nasty.

[Her voice is annoyed but her face is concerned. She doesn’t want Eliade to hurt, even when she does it to herself.]

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[Eliade knows that the guilt she doesn't feel about wanting to be with Kitkat more than Viktor should bother her more than it does. She's gotten so used to having Kitkat around to help her and hold her that it doesn't feel like cheating as much as it is. Viktor has a hold on her she's having trouble shaking, because she loves him, but she would understand if that became loved. She's so confused, though, so she stays with him and keeps Kitkat hidden from the world, because that makes everything keep turning even if it hurts more.]

[Viktor scoffs at the cuts and mocks her for them; Kitkat puts bandaids and kisses on them and tells her she's better than that. So, of course she's crying right now.]

I thought I could fix 'em on my own for once...

[She swallows down a sob, rubs away tears with her free hand.]

I'm not as good as you, Kit.

14 sob too perfect

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[Dimitri is well aware that his...relationship, he guesses it what it is in all technicalities, with Vincent is wrong in so many ways. He, personally, was seeing Heath, Vincent was in questionable relationships with two other teachers (assumption based purely on rumors and the like, unreliable but Dimitri had to wonder), and, above all, Vincent was Dimitri's professor. Well, that should have been the "above all," and it was in the legal concerns. But Dimitri's mind has been gnawing at him to ask, to find out if someone else in this damn castle has Vincent to themselves. It won't stop him from struggling out of his sweater vest, if it's Selena or Aurel or someone else entirely, it really won't.]

So are you seeing anyone?

[He says it offhandedly as he folds his sweater vest. Usually, he just tosses it to the floor, but this has been grinding on his curiosity. Whether or not this meeting will lead to the sweaty lengths they sometimes do isn't on his mind at the moment. The next time he grabs Vincent's shirt collar and shoves his tongue in his mouth, he wants to know whose heart he should be proud of putting in harm's way.]

sob, it really is....

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[As per usual Vincent was grading papers. He paused and looked up briefly just in time to see Dimitri strip out of his sweater vest. If this were someone else he would have questioned their motives, but seeing as this was Dimitri he learned to stop questioning and to just accept his... odd quirks.

Pausing some at the question he set his quill down. Was he really seeing someone other than his student? Sure there was the obvious attraction between him and Aurel, after all they were lovers once. But that was... in the past, and to really be with the nomad he would have to get used to travel. And he wasn't exactly ready for that kind of lifestyle.

Though, of course, just because he wasn't ready didn't mean he could not fool around with the old flame. Sighing he slid off his glasses and massaged his temples.]

I'm not romantically seeing anyone, but I am seeing someone.

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